Lawnmower and Lawn Equipment
Service and Repair

At Tidewater Mulch & Material we service and repair outdoor lawn and power equipment from virtually any manufacturer. If you have questions about outdoor machinery in need of service or repair, contact Tidewater Mulch today for a more durable and efficient machine. We service zero turns, push mowers, edgers, lawn tractors trimmers, backpack blowers, chainsaws and more! 

The repair shop is open M-F from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday, 7:30 a.m. to Noon. Ask about our pick-up and delivery service for service and repair!

Residential Tune Up Specials: Rate + Parts
Hand Held - $40.00 Push Mowers - $50.00 
Tractors - $100.00 Zero Turn - $150.00

The above price is for labor. Final costs will include any parts required for your tune-up - we'll happily provide a full estimate on your specific equipment. Rates are for residential equipment.


Our tune-ups include -

  1. Change oil and filter
  2. Sharpen and balance blade(s)
  3. Check/Replace spark plugs and air filter
  4. Check/Adjust all cables and belts
  5. Flush fuel system
  6. Level deck check safety

Oregon, Rotary, and Husqvarna blades now always in stock!

We service these brands, and more!


Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 1.50.45 PMhonda-enginesVanguard


Chainsaw Chain Sharpening

Lawn Tractor Battery Service

Lawn Tractor Blade Sharpening

Lawn Tractor Hydraulic Service

Lawn Tractor Mower Deck Service

Lawn Tractor Oil Change

Lawn Tractor Starter Service

Lawn Tractor Tire Repair/Replacement

Lawn Tractor Winterization

Power Washer Pump Service

Power Washer Winterization

Pre-Season Inspection

Push/Walk-Behind Mower Belt Service

Push/Walk-Behind Mower Blade Sharpening

Push/Walk-Behind Mower Cable Service

Push/Walk-Behind Mower Oil Change

Push/Walk-Behind Mower Service

Push/Walk-Behind Mower Starter Service

Push/Walk-Behind Mower Tune-Up

Push/Walk-Behind Mower Winterizing

Snowthrower Bearing Service

Snowthrower Belt Service

Snowthrower Cable Service

Snowthrower Paddle/Scraper Service

Snowthrower Starter Service

Snowthrower Summerization

Trimmer Head Replacement

Trimmer Line Replacement (Respooling)

Zero-Turn Battery Service

Zero-Turn Blade Sharpening

Zero-Turn Hyrdaulic Service

Zero-Turn Mower Deck Service

Zero-Turn Starter Service

Zero-Turn Tire Repair/Replacement

Zero-Turn Winterization